CRAZYWISE Production: Spiritism in Brazil

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In October Kevin and I traveled to Brazil to learn about the Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals, where spiritual healers work alongside the psychiatrists and psychologists. In Brazil, mental health care that integrates Spiritism is a strong preference among the people.

Sins of a Lifetime

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The Buddhists, Hindus, Jains and Bonpo regard the sacred Mount Kailash as the heart of the world.  One full circumambulation around the thirty-two mile trail around the mountain is said to erase the sins of a lifetime.  Pilgrims on this kora will leave cherished personal items behind like a piece of clothing, a braid of… Read more »

New Support for the Tibetan Buddhist Community

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One of the things that amazed me as I traveled through what was formally Kham and Amdo on the Tibetan Plateau was the amount of new construction at many of the Tibetan Monasteries.   It was not only the amount of new construction but the size and quality of the new monasteries and prayer halls that… Read more »