Foundation for Women Workshop Underway

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Hello from sunny San Diego! The STF team is here leading a workshop for six talented photographers, storytellers, interviewers, and filmmakers to produce media for Foundation for Women’s (FFW) “I Challenge Life!” campaign. Over the past couple of months, STF and FFW have worked together to determine how we, as media producers, can help raise… Read more »

Social Documentary Workshops: Non-Profit Media Solutions

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Social media is changing the way people engage, communicate, bond, connect and network with each other on a global scale. Much like other pivotal shifts in history, such as the Industrial Revolution, there is no turning back from these profound technological developments.  However, not everyone has the knowledge to use these communication tools effectively, namely… Read more »

Tools for Change: STF Announces Multimedia Workshops

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Multimedia storytelling empowers individuals and organizations; When used correctly it can inspire entire movements, bring communities together, raise awareness about social justice issues and give nonprofits a vital tool to amplify their message. It’s for these very reasons and due to the overwhelming response for our social documentary internships that Stirring the Fire would like to… Read more »

Minimizing Equipment Continued

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As I have mentioned the digital revolution in photography has made my work easier in many ways.  One of the greatest benefits is being able to capture images in low light.  With the release of the new cameras like the Nikon D3s and the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV this is just getting better. However, the… Read more »

Recording Sound with the 5D Mark ll

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In my last blog I talked about the equipment I am using for multimedia.  Sound is such a critical part of multimedia production that I would like to elaborate on the sound equipment I use. In multimedia you can get away with mediocre images much easier than poor sound.  To get good sound you need… Read more »

Minimizing Equipment in the Age of Multimedia

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Now that the web is nudging all of us photographers to create more than just stills to deliver our message we who work on location in remote areas are faced with the prospect of adding more equipment to the heavy packs we have been carrying for years! Last year I traveled to Malawi, Zambia, Sri… Read more »