Ekhaya Esima is the latest person that we will be including in CRAZYWISE the documentary. Ekhaya is a Peer Counselor in the Community Links Program at Baltic Street in Brooklyn, New York that serves 18 to 25 year old clients, many of whom have had a psychotic episode.

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Ekhaya originally found Baltic Street while going through her own emotional struggles and their Peer Support program helped her take her first steps towards healing. Then Ekhaya met her mentor, a South African Sangoma and begun her spiritual training which took her healing to a whole new level.

Find more on Ekhaya’s story on the CRAZYWISE blog at

7 Responses to “CRAZYWISE Production: Meet Ekhaya”

  1. Danielle

    Hello Phil!

    I have went through your entire blog and all its contents and I have to say I am a big fan and can’t wait for the documentary to come out! Here in Canada, we love our documentaries so crossing fingers it will be well received.

    My only question to you is, there are multiple times when you mentioned the need for community for people with these special needs and there’s a lack of it in this day and era. But I would beg to differ. Christianity is perhaps a good example of a place you can go to to find a spiritual community that would buy into a lot of what Adam was going through. Their belief of the supernatural and their support of the impoverished and people with special needs would make me think that Adam may do well in a church community. Is there a reason why he didn’t look for a church?

    • Phil Borges

      Thank you for your kind words Danielle. I can’t speak for Adam. I know that he is finding support within a community aligned with his beliefs.

  2. Patrick McGuire

    I wondering if you have heard of a man named Gopi Krishna. He wrote a book call Kundalini: The Evolution Energy of Man and at least 15 or more additional books on the subject of kundalini and yoga proper. The shaman stories you have told fall directly in line with Gopi Krishna’s postulates regarding the sudden release of a rarefied bio-energy (kundalini) in a certain percentage of the human population can result in psychological imbalance. In the east, the Guru was relied upon to guide the student. Those uninitiated in the knowledge of such a possibility will misdiagnose the cause of the aliment and not understand the methods of cure, as you have described in the case of Adam and countless others currently occupying mental institutions or otherwise unaccounted for in society today.

  3. Danielle Bailey

    Hi Phil,
    I just finished watching your Tedx talk and I have gone through my own spiritual crisis. I didn’t have a complete break because I’m surrounded by people who have the same beliefs that I do. I also have a BA in mental health and human services so I am also familiar with that side of things as well. I know in this country we’d rather medicate than find out the why beneath the why because it’s easier. Whether it’s an actual mental health condition or a crisis, there still needs to be steps to help the person move forward and understand what’s happening to them.
    I am very intuitive and at 40 I’m learning to fully trust and also question my gut. Because sometimes it might it. We all to find a balance. I am reiki Master because I believe in energy and how it affects people who are unaware of it. And I my goal now is to help guide people through their own spiritual crises. It’s a good calling.


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