Words can’t express our gratitude. From the entire CRAZYWISE team, thank you to every person who has supported us during our campaign.

We totaled 623 Backers.
We raised $87,001.
We will be able to complete CRAZYWISE!

It feels so encouraging to have this level of support!

Every dollar will go directly to finishing production, an editor, composer, transcription, narration, motion graphics, animation, sound design, color correction and archival stills and footage for this film.

As soon as we can we will share the completed feature length documentary with you. In the meantime, we will continue to keep you updated on our process between now and our 2015 release.

Together, with this film, we will spark the long overdue conversation about America’s mental healthcare crisis and deliver our message of hope and recovery.

With our appreciation,

Phil, Kevin and the entire CRAZYWISE team!

7 Responses to “We did it! And exceeded our $75,000 Goal!”

  1. Tessa

    Congratulations! I cannot wait to see the documentary. Unfortunately, I just missed the Kickstarter campaign somehow, but if you need any volunteer help when your team is over here in Finland, please, let me know! I’d love to be of help in any way I can.

  2. Trae Ashlie-Garen

    An exceptional achievement for an exceptional project! In Gratitude for the value of the work you are doing… Ashe!

  3. Teresa McLaren

    I’m so happy to see this was funded and look forward to the final production. Your blog really got me interested in taking a different look at my own experiences and I was wondering if you have come across Bradford Keeney and would try to get his take on this?

  4. Debbie J

    Hi Phil,
    Just wondering if there are any updates on Crazywise release date? Such an interesting topic – can’t wait to see full film. Blessings… Debbie x

    • Phil Borges

      Hi Debbie, We will have the film done by the end of the year and the exactly date will depend on where we decided to premiere it. Hence, CRAZYWISE will be released by early 2015.


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