Sara and Clint, the previous owners of SoulFood Books recently had twin girls!  They decided to concentrate on raising their family and have turned over ownership of SoulFood to long time customers Makia and Kevin. Still a large part of the community, I often see Clint stopping in to visit and help out.

Makia describes SoulFood as a place where people can come out of their hiding—a bridge where people on different paths can meet. “This is a place that allows me to be myself” is the phrase I have been hearing from almost everyone I meet here.

Makia offered a job to Adam just before his mother passed away.  Unfortunately the timing wasn’t right and Adam said he would prefer to wait.  She sees Adam as ‘a sensitive bright shining being with a huge heart’ who can ‘tune right in to what people are feeling’.  Like me she believes that Adam has the natural ability to be a great psychologist or a counselor for kids one day.

Listening to Makia and being at SoulFood reminds me once again how important supportive relationships and supportive communities are for our well being.

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