Adam has been staying at his friend Craig’s apartment, who had an extra room. Craig recently found someone to rent the room, meaning that Adam will soon be homeless again.

13_12_1_Fixing_Car.Still006Adam was given an older Toyota Tercel a few months back from an acquaintance at SoulFood. True to the generous nature of that community, Adam had passed the car along to his friend Taylor. Taylor had a young child and Adam felt that he needed it more than he did. Taylor used the car briefly, but felt he could get by without it and recently returned the car to Adam.

13_12_1_Fixing_Car.Still007Now Adam has a place to live! Coincidentally, it was about this time last year that Adam first became homeless and started living in his car.  As he has done so many times before, Adam put a positive spin on this event, noting that he knows it is getting cold in Seattle, but “When the car freezes over, it could act like an igloo and hold the heat inside”.

13_12_1_Fixing_Car.Still002Last weekend, I went out to help Adam get the car ready to sleep in. The battery was weak and the car needed a jump. I looked in the back of this tiny Tercel where Adam, who is 6 feet tall, was planning to sleep.  I thought to myself there is no way!  Once we got it running, we decided to take out the back seat to provide a space that Adam could stretch out in and cut up some cardboard that could serve as window shades.  Even though Adam is looking at staying in the car as an opportunity to have his own space, I had a hard time imagining how it could be comfortable–especially during winter!

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  1. Misha

    Dear Adam and Phil,
    i am a retired social worker so naturally i am looking at some practical solution for Adam’s independence, as he continues his healing journey.
    I have not read every single post so i may be missing important information but from what i have read, Adam has no income? yet he is disabled and will qualify for Social Security Disability, which will give him enough money to find his own living space. In addition there are federal–HUD, and state housing assistance programs that have available low income housing–there may be a wait but the sooner he applies the better. Same with Social Security. From my experience many like Adam have no patience with the bureaucracy and will abandon the application process. This is why having a social worker is essential–either one working in the Community Mental Health system or even just a literate and patient enough friend who can help Adam apply. There are also lawyers, who can help and be paid a small fee after Adam begins receiving his Disability income. I myself have helped friends and acquaintances countless times. I live on Kauai, but if u can find no one else to help, i will be willing to help Adam long distance in applying. All he needs to have when we begin the process is some medical record somewhere, with his diagnosis. Please let me know if maybe u already have applied and receiving social services and if not, u would consider applying.
    Many many good wishes for both of you for the coming year, and keep up the good work, you are both inspiring many people! Aloha from Kauai,


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