When interviewing the people who frequent SoulFood Books we always ask, “What is special about this place?”.  The most common answer is, “I can be myself”.

Recently I saw a young guy in the back of the cafe soldering something and walked over to see what he was doing.  He explained that he was making an LED light that would change color when it was tilted from one side to the other.  I noticed that he had a roller cart next to him with a sleeping bag, various clothes, and an iPad with cracked glass.  I came to find out his name was Shane and he was homeless.  I thought to myself many coffee shops wouldn’t allow the homeless to hang out, much less work with soldering irons on their tables.

As I was talking with him he just happened to mention that a total stranger he had struck up a conversation with a few hours earlier had written him a check for $1,000.  Shane’s story is just one testament to the how exceptional the SoulFood community is!

2 Responses to “Shane’s Story: The Generosity of a Stranger”

  1. paula

    This is community. Someone sharing their truth through speaking their passion and another sharing their truth through compassion. May this ripple out indefinately. Thank you for sharing this beauty.

  2. Jeannette

    Stories of random acts of kindness never fail to ignite that feeling inside that we are all here as one. Thank you


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