While filming at SoulFood Books we have met many amazing people that make this particular community so supportive for Adam. Jordan is one of the regulars at SoulFood and has become good friends with Adam.

She explains how growing up in an affluent community like Redmond, Washington (home of Microsoft) actually put a lot of pressure on her.  In our interview she explains how the SoulFood community, which she describes as an oasis in the middle of Redmond, helped her conquer her depression.  At SoulFood she found a group of people that let her ‘drop the wall’ that she had built up and let her be herself.  Jordan says that she had been given the diagnosis of severe depression and severe anxiety and was put on medication.  Although she was told her depression would be a lifelong battle, a few months later she was introduced to the SoulFood community and her healing began. Her advice for someone suffering from severe depression and anxiety is first to realize that it’s not forever.

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