While Adam was in the hospital after having his jaw broken, the police came to his hospital room so he could identify his attackers from mug shots. Adam told me that he was getting out of the hospital that evening. I asked where he was going to be staying and he said he was going back on the beach. I worried that he would probably be a target for the gang since he was now a material witness to those apprehended. I was relieved when he decided to return to Seattle instead, where he would be safe, get the treatment he needed and be able to visit his mother who had been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.


In our latest interview with Adam he reflects on his time in Hawaii and states how he sees the beating as a blessing. He mentions that it showed him in a physical way how badly he had been beating himself up emotionally with his self-loathing.

During this same interview Adam recalls moments during the beating where he has memories from an outside or out of body perspective. He could hear bones breaking, but was not feeling pain. He states at that “time I was telling these people that I love them and I don’t want to fight them”.

It’s interesting to me that Adam is a black belt in karate and even with the potential to protect himself, chose not to fight. It is a testament of his spiritual journey, which has allowed him to move from a mindset of fear and anger to one of acceptance and love.

I recently spoke at a TEDxRainier Salon. Adam was in the audience as I showed selected video clips from this blog and told his story. During the Q&A many people directed their questions towards Adam and stuck around afterwards to talk to him. Later Adam told me how great it was to be at the Salon and that the regular interviews we have been doing with him have been very healing for him. With all Adam has been through recently it was very satisfying to hear how much he was benefiting from the documentary process.

9 Responses to “Adam’s Broken Jaw: A New Level of Awareness”

  1. Danielle Prince

    An amazing story that keeps unfolding. Thank you for bringing it to light, Phil. Thank you for being so open to telling it, Adam.

  2. Reid

    As a doc filmmaker, in my experience we absolutely do create space for our interview subjects to heal.

    I love the whole project. I should be in bed by now but I can’t stop watching and reading more. *shakes fist in air*

  3. Ed

    Adam epitomizes strength and courage, and is a well of inspiration for me. I live such a sheltered life, and I find myself complaining and restless. I did ask my guides for a sign, while I was angry at them for not doing their jobs 🙂 So then I was led to Phil’s talk on TEDx. I feel connected to Adam like a brother, so I care for his well-being. I have yet to follow Adam’s story. I am late in hearing these stories, but I am blessed to hear them now.

    God bless you, Adam, Ron, et al, and Phil for bringing us all closer together. Thank you.

  4. Hamza

    Hi Phil,

    I want to start of my message by saying this night I had a dream/nightmare where I lost my teeth and today I came across your TED talk and blog. I was diagnosed last year with psychosis, but thankfully as I am not ignorant and do not trust the western health systems I completely ignored their opinions because I know they have no understanding of my life, in fact no one does but myself, as words are too abstract to be able to describe my life experiences.

    I highly assimilate with Adam, especially the part where he says ‘physical pain is nothing compared to emotional pain’, this is a recurrent thought I keep having. I was wondering what is Adam’s beliefs on the value and importance of his thoughts, because to me it is no coincidence that he got beat up if he keeps thinking of it, he manifested it in his reality through his thoughts. What do you and Adam think of the Law of attraction? There is a book by Esther Hicks called Ask and it is Given. It is all knowledge that I already found out to be true during my spiritual awakening and meditations, but the way the author is able to describe it in a simplistic and clear manner is very enlightening and it is always nice to be reminded of such things. I feel like it could be very beneficial for him as it was for me.

    Thanks for your inspiring work,

  5. Hamza

    Also I want to add, maybe what Adam and everyone else is/was lacking was spiritual knowledge? For me, had I not known about Hindu traditions about kundalini awakening/realignment and chakras I would have been quite confused. Because all these people have some sort of spiritual gift, maybe what they lack is knowledge of how to harness these powers, and when mentors aren’t available the Hinduism and Buddhism traditions should be enough to bring about confidence.

    • Phil Borges

      Glad to hear you had this framework for understanding your experience. It is so important! Adam does have his own spiritual knowledge. Thanks again for sharing Hamza!


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