Adam became homeless in Seattle this past winter.  So when someone offered him a chance to house-sit in Maui, he sold his car and headed for warmer weather.  By the end of January, his house sitting services were no longer needed and he found himself homeless and sleeping on the beach.

When I arrived in Maui in February to meet him he had just been admitted to Maui Memorial Medical Center with a badly infected foot.

As I interviewed Adam in his hospital bed he explained how his ‘guides’ contact him by a poke in the back—what psychiatrists would refer to as a ‘tactile hallucination’. He mentioned that he wasn’t hearing voices, but he was having thoughts that were “clearly not mine”. He also shares that he got to a point when he was no longer frightened by the ‘interactions’ and instead began learning from what the ‘guides’ were imparting to him.  He explained how being homeless and essentially penniless forced him to trust in fate and the good will of others for support.

Since I have never been homeless or had ‘interactions’ with internal guides, it isn’t always easy for me to relate to Adam. If you ask what I believe, at this point, all I can say is I know Adam is sincere and has a remarkable ability to remain positive while facing very unpleasant situations.

Adam also spoke to me of his ability to direct energy and use it for healing.  While with him in the hospital I mentioned I had strained my back on a hike the day before.  He offered to help and out of curiosity I accepted.  He put his hands over my back and I felt heat—not just warm hands but heat.  Normally when I strain my back it can take 4-5 days to heal. The next day I was happy to find it felt normal again.



Now I have joined people like Ron and Adam’s mother that have personally experienced his ability to direct energy for the purpose of healing.

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  1. jackie renn

    Hi Phil, You may remember me. I was in a show with you and 3 other photographers in 2008 Bumbershoot. I did the photos of the protesters. Anyway….I hope you are well. I myself am a healer. I do energy work such as Reiki and also shamanic practices. I do healing work at a community mental health agencey in Burien. I also teach the participants how to heal thru unconventional systems such as reiki, chrystals, essential oils. I am very excited to see that you are documenting this. Thank you.

  2. Cheryl Hanna-Truscott

    So much that we really don’t know. Much magic in the world. Interesting exploration.

  3. Laurent

    “shouldn’t those with healing powers be able heal themselves?”
    I can relate to that sentence. I’ve had an astrological reading of my natal chart last Summer, and here’s an excerpt of the transcript:

    Your natal Sun is trine the planetoid Chiron (which rules spirituality and healing) – Pilion is the mountain of chiron – the home of the centaurs where Chiron taught the children of the gods about medicine and healing and spiritual techniques…He was the wounded healer and had a wound that would never heal, yet it spurred him to be a great healer. In the same way, you have a very strong chiron that is a valuable healing gift…- so this means you are sensitive and vulnerable especially about the topic of being creative in your own unique way and having the self- confidence to shine. you may get ideas there is something wrong with you, you are deficient in some way….. yet it is precisely your ability to bear the pain of this that makes you especially able to be perceptive and empathetic and to feel things deeply. it gives you special gift in the area of your unique self-expression. (chiron in Leo in the Fifth). Some special power of creativity…

  4. Mary

    “Now I have joined people like Ron and Adam’s mother that have personally experienced his ability to direct energy for the purpose of healing. Though even after this experience I couldn’t help but wonder, shouldn’t those with healing powers be able heal themselves?

    In retrospect, this is what I should have asked Adam.”

    Do you not believe anything that you have captured and put forth in this documentary. Why do you fall back into the modern Western idealogy that Adam is broken and needs to be fixed or healed. If only more people listened to Adam, they would live such remarkable lives of beauty and love and mystery and connection. I have to say that I am disappointed that after all you have done and said and learned that there is still this sense that there is something to be healed instead of understood and accepted and nurtured.

    • Phil Borges

      Hi Mary,

      I understand your concern. I’m learning that language is a minefield when it comes to describing issues concerning mental health. Many object to words like Recovery and Healing because they connote that something is broken. Right now Adam would like to get back to a place where he can work (especially with children having mental health issues). However, he is not able to to that because of his condition and anxiety level. When I say healed or recovered I meant, in his case, navigating the mental emotional issues that keep him from doing what he would like to do. I should have been more specific in my language. Thank you for correcting me on this.


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