Adam’s guides and synchronicities continued to inform him and he feels his co-workers at Whole Foods Market cannot understand what he was going through. So, he left his job and consequently lost the cabin he was renting on Lake Joy. It was January of this year that Adam started living in his car behind SoulFood Books.  Despite what many would regard as a setback, Adam chose a different outlook.

Recently, I interviewed Rachel, previously Adam’s supervisor at Whole Foods.

It was enlightening for me to hear what Rachel had to say about Adam and why he left. The way Rachel so articulately gave her perspective on Adam’s situation helped me understand why someone so capable would leave his job.

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  1. Vivian Fulk

    Phil, thank you for documenting with such compassion and clarity the Awakening that is occurring in the planet biosphere. This Awakening is using compassion to heal our moral dilemma of using all of Earth’s resources for our own personal gain. The existential threat to humanity requires new knowledge. This new knowledge is that our inner world is as real as the outer world. This knowledge will allow each person to live happily with less consumption on a finite planet. Let the Awakening accelerate. Thank you Adam. The Divine Feminine began as the birth of the first flower that made the plants dependent on pollinators. Mutual dependence is key. She is here to help. Some call her Eve. Find Her.

  2. Marina

    Wow! I ran after this site in a beautifull synchronicity…I was also strugling with a diagnose of Bipolar for a 8 years now. It begin at the vision quest workshop led by so called shaman, but i guess the fact that my visions didnt ended at 8a.m, as he planned , was the”obvious”symptom of my mental ilness. If you ask me, I started to really get sick because of their reaction on me, and after i was prescribed antypsycotics. It was a long journey…a dark one too. but I am happy to say that a shaman in me survived it all.I am still taking small dossagge of meds…but I am on the way of recovary and taking my power back…Last year I met Will Hall, heard about madness radio, hearing voices comunity and Open dialoge tecnique.It changed my world completly.So I started a peer support group and its growing rapidlly! I am so happy today when I can see it all in different perspective. Every step of tis way is a blessed one-it wounded me, but it made a Wounded healer out of me. I see Adam as my soul brother and sending him a lot of gratitude and a hug from distant Europe, Croatia, who knows maybe our psysical paths would meet too.Thank you Phil for being you and walking your talk 🙂

  3. Anni

    I saw you speak several years ago about your photography in Portland and have been following you ever since. Your kindness and compassion is evident in everything you do. Thank you for pursuing this subject matter and for being a humanitarian as well as an incredible artist. Adam’s story makes me feel less alone in my own struggles. What a beautiful man he is. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing when it’s done!

    -Anni (Vancouver, WA)

  4. Jillian

    Mahalo Adam, I am so grateful for your beautiful spirit, the love that exudes from you when you express yourself. I wish I had the strength to follow my convictions to leave everything behind. I am unfortunately not there yet, For me you are a role model, thank you so soo much. Namaste’ Mahalo.

    Mahalo to you too Phil, for introducing Adam to us, if not for your documentaries i would not have realised that what i secretly thought others believed too. Namaste’ Mahalo!

    LOve & LIght


  5. Sue

    Love all the video and story! Brilliantly put together. Rachel is so articulate about the importance for Adam and all of us to understand and fulfill our greater connection to the whole. I liked her distinction between needing to understand when we are embarking on a spiritual journey or whether there is something in which we need healing assistance… may be they are one in the same. When I worked in corrections I never met a man who didn’t have a trauma history. Helping them heal that removed the clouds so that we could make the distinction Rachel speaks of however as so well documented in these videos, we don’t even consider in the medical community that there could be a spiritual awakening or journey. It would be so wonderful to study under Shamans around the world and for the medical community to understand more about how to support “Adams” in all of us. Thanks for your beautiful photography and social work!! Sue

  6. Eva

    Phil, right now there are no words to describe the relief I am experiencing at the moment. A warm welcome home embrace after a long journey in a vast desert would be the closest metaphor to represent the discovery of Adam’s message and your blog. Many details of Adam’s story I can relate with and understand the path of spiritual awakening can be a long, difficult, and painful one indeed. The good news is that there is hope in the midst of chaos and the depth of human compassion can and often does reveal itself at auspicious times. May this message be one of hope and encouragement to all who can see the light in the midst of spiritual darkness.

  7. Brooke

    I am so happy to have come across your Ted-x talks, which lead me here. I immediately felt connected to Adam after seeing him in the presentation and wanted to find more on his experience. I personally have been going through what Rachel described as a big wake-up call and it was enlightening to hear a positive perspective on mental health “issues”. I appreciate immensely what you’ve chosen to give to the community and I am sending love and light your way!


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