Ron is finding meditation and his time with Adam increasingly helpful in dealing with his ‘Moral Injury’ from the war. Over time they both complete two 10-day Vipassana Meditation retreats, which are very helpful in furthering their healing process. In the meantime, Adam moves to a small lake in the Cascade foothills named Lake Joy. Ron began visiting Adam at his cabin and they continue their practice together.

After a few weeks of getting together to meditate, Ron decided he wanted to try an experiment and use psilocybin mushrooms to help deepen his meditation experience. Adam took on the role of guide as they began their all day meditation process. He started by asking Ron to set his intention for what he wanted to accomplish.

The event turned out to be a significant turning point in both Ron and Adam’s life. Ron shed a lot of self loathing and made a deeper connection with his spirituality while Adam got more validation that he is not ‘crazy’ and gained insight into how his gifts can be used to heal those around him.

Recently I interviewed Ron’s mother, a devout Christian and career military officer who served as a nurse in the Navy. She offered her perspective on Ron’s healing. I was extremely impressed with her openness around other spiritual beliefs.

How has meditation been healing in your life?

2 Responses to “Ron’s Healing Experience: A Turning Point for Ron and Adam”

  1. abet

    This is such a beautiful series. Thank you for making it and especially to the interviewed. I have had both a shamanic (“psychotic”) break, drug addiction, and much vipassana, and I’m still trying to figure out how to possibly share it, but am not ready. I hope you will continue to report on Adam from time to time. I am finally at a place, after many years of resisting, where I really want to sit and meditate almost every day, and the huge mood swings are slowly subsiding. As they say, it gets better!

    • Phil Borges

      Thank you for reaching out! Yes, we are still in touch with Adam. We won’t likely be publishing much more on his story until the release of the film next year. Stay tuned!


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