While interviewing Adam, he suggested that I meet a good friend of his, Ron. When I met Ron, I was immediately impressed by how bright and articulate he was.

Adam and Ron first became friends in high school. After graduation, Ron joined the Army, became fluent in Arabic and was sent to Iraq as an interrogator. Meanwhile, Adam left for Florida to pursue his dream of becoming a wakeboard champion.

Soon after Adam returned from Florida, he had his ‘psychotic break’ or ‘spiritual awakening’. At that time Ron was on his tour of duty in Iraq. When they reunite, 5 years later, they are both in a post-traumatic state.

What transpires in the following year is not only a reunion of old friends but a journey of healing for both.

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  1. Adrienne

    I just came across your site today, i was searching for a film i saw a few years ago (havent found it yet) about some amazonian tribe, their spiritual community and history, their observations and predictions about global environmental changes. I was glad to find this current work of yours, very interesting.


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