At work Adam is feeling judged by some of his co-workers as ‘crazy’.  He tells me how hard it is to find people he can speak to about the ‘interactions’ he is having with his ‘guides’.

One evening while leaving work he discovers a woman needing help changing a flat tire in the Whole Foods parking lot. Kay does psychic readings for a living and introduces Adam to a coffeeshop/bookstore located in Redmond, Washington, the heart of Microsoft land. SoulFood Books is an artistic and spiritual oasis where writers, poets, artists and musicians gather for more than coffee. Here Adam finally finds a supportive community of people who will listen without judgment about the inner experiences he is going through.

Sara and Clint, owners of SoulFood’s shared with me their impressions of Adam.

As I start meeting Adam’s family and friends I learn more and more about his spiritual development and abilities. You’ll start to see what I mean in the next post, when we are introduced to a good friend of Adam’s – Ron.

5 Responses to “Adam Finds Community: The Need for Understanding vs. Judgment”

  1. Anastasia

    It is so wonderful to see such an inspiring story. I am also currently experiencing much of what Adam describes, such as the rapid synchronicities– which consequentially have led me to find this website. It is such a tremendous relief to see you documenting a story such as this because it means so much to me know that I’m not alone in what I am experiencing. It truly means so much that you are providing a context for whatever is happening. Thank you

  2. Misty

    i don’t know why I’m so drawn to Adam. I’ve been experiencing synchronicities to no end, on top of a mountain of other things… psychic abilities… paranormal phenomena… UFOs… i have nobody to talk to about this. when i do trust someone to talk to about it, I’m still left with this feeling that they doubt me. i guess i can’t expect anybody to believe me 100%… unless they have experienced something out of the norm for themselves. very difficult to find support.


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