Our book TIBET: Culture on the Edge was just released this week!!   I must say I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

The idea for a second book on Tibet came quite by accident.  ( My first book Tibetan Portrait was published 16 years ago.)  In 2009 I had traveled to Lhasa to document the work of the US based organization OneHeart that was working to reduce the high rate of maternal mortality on the Tibetan Plateau.

My equipment in the bag on the left.

Unfortunately, because of the riots that had taken place in Tibet just before the 2008 Olympics China decided to shut down all foreign non-profit organizations in Tibet.   I arrived and soon learned I had nothing to do!   Since I was already there I decided to take a trek I had always wanted to do so I hired a guide and a couple of yaks and headed out.   Almost three years later I have a book in my hands!

It's always tense crossing water. Yaks like to cool off by laying down in the water.

Birthing a photo book is definitely a labor of love.  After spending eighteen months collecting the content I’m usually faced with at least a year of postproduction editing, researching, writing and designing.  In this case the process went ever so smooth thanks to my agent John Campbell who introduced me to a wonderful production team at Rizzoli.  Most heartfelt thanks to Jim Muschett and Melissa Veronesi for editing and hassle free project management.  I want to give special thanks to Susi Oberhelman for her beautiful design.  It was so amazing that we all saw eye to eye 99% of the time.  Truly a wonderful experience for me.

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  1. Chris

    Just received your Tibet – Culture on the edge for Xmas. Very happy to have discovered your work through it.
    Was in Tibet in August and happy memories have come back (and looking forward to going back in couple of years).
    Loved the way you have the portrait and a strong background – giving us an idea of the surroundings and lifestyle of the subject. Not many photographers think of that.
    Looking forward to next book.


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